Parents Teachers Association

The Rietondale Primary School, Parent Teachers Association,  known affectionately as the P.T.A. Crew, invites you to become a part of your child’s primary school career.
The PTA CREW believes that we can have a lot of fun while building a brighter future during the most precious educational years of their lives. A time when they  need us most and are most influenced by our presence as parents in their lives.
What is our function?
· We assist our school in raising valuable funds that improve the quality of our children’s education.
· We do so while having fun and promoting moral values and family life.
· We support our teachers through acts of appreciation.
· We strive to create a platform where parents & children can become a part of a caring community.
How can you join the crew?
We believe that every parent counts! Partner with us in whichever way you can!
How do we communicate our activities?
You can recognize any activity that we are a part of, by our LIME GREEN presence.  We have a lot of fun and you will notice the crew in their aprons and lime green wigs wherever there is FUNdraising to be done.  We communicate with parents through the Scribbles Newsletter OR the school office. Once you are on our database, we also contact you through sms or e-mail when needed!

We know that not all parents can contribute in the same way; some assist us financially, some give of their time, some donate items, some help us with creative ideas, but with their support everyone join hands it makes the job a lot more fun.

Thank you for your wonderful support thus far.


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