From the Principal's desk


11 January 2019

Dear Parents


I hope you had a wonderful December holiday. We are all very excited to be back with our Rietondale family. A special welcome to our Gr 1's, new learners and parents.

Thank you to all parents who supported the initiative to submit stationery the day before we opened. I could feel the excitement amongst the learners to return. We appreciate you trusting us to teach your precious gifts. 

This is a busy term with many activities. We look forward to meeting you at our first Parent Information day on 19 January. Please check d6 regularly for information on all the events and activities at School.

Make sure that your children are on time for School every morning, correctly dressed in their uniforms and are prepared for the academic day that lies ahead. We encourage learners to take part in at least one extra mural activity every term. Please refer to d6 for the timetable of activities.

It is positive to see that some parents are already honouring their commitment to pay school fees on time. Your financial contribution ensures that delivery of quality education at Rietondale Primary. We thank you for the positive input you make in your child’s education.

May this new year turn all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.







Tuckshop tender

Tender documents for Tuckshop - please click on attachment below to download Tender documents:  Closing date is 10 July 2019.

Tuckshop tender document


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