From the Principal's desk

Welcome back to the last part of 2018!

 Unbelievable, but true – I have been with my Rietondale family for one year.

 Thank you to all learners, parents and staff members for their support of the School.

 You may have noticed several building projects currently in progress.  Because parents meet their obligations and pay School Fees regularly, the upgrading of our facilities is coming along nicely.  We are truly privileged to be able to improve our School.  A special “Thank you” to the SGB for their support and drive towards these projects.  I cannot wait for September to see the final product.  Parents, please continue to pay your School Fees regularly!  Also, support and love your children.

 Improvements were also made possible with the funds raised by the PTA.  We have appreciation for the time and effort these parents dedicate to the School.  Please support the PTA events, not necessarily by giving money, but by giving of your time to help with preparation that could be done at home.

 Rietondale’s excellent reputation has grown because learners, parents and staff work together.  Never stop!  Help Rietondale maintain and continuously improve the standards which have made us a well-known and sought-after primary school in the area.

 May the rest of this year be blessed!



Miss Goosen


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