From the Principal's desk



“Behind every young child who believes in himself

is a parent  who believes first”

M L Jacobson


Dear Parents


The importance of self-reflection is one of the best life lessons I have learnt.


The end of a task, the end of a season or a School year is an opportunity for self-reflection. Reflecting gives us the opportunity to positively criticise our decisions and behaviour in order to improve. Nothing can ever be perfect and change is as good as a holiday. Reflecting on one’s performance and asking ourselves the difficult question of where we need to improve, leads to growth and only good can come from acceptance of what needs to be changed or improved.


As I walk down the hallways of the School, I can hear the enthusiasm of eager minds. I experience the shouts of excitement on the sportsfield and the sound of angel voices from the choirs. We value the individualism, creativity and innovation among our learners and encourage them to develop their skills throughout the year.


We would like to instil strong values along with a set of wings which will carry our children far and wide in the rapidly changing world. We need to work together as partners to achieve this for each and every learner at Rietondale Primary.


May you always be guided by your heart, lifted by your spirit and strengthened by your soul.




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